Personal Information Machine Specifications
Real Name: Annie Operating System: win 98
AIM Name: nunya MotherBoard: ask my husband
Locaton: Colorado CPU: ask my husband
Sex: Lady RAM: lots!
Marital Status: Married Video Card: i can see !
Children: 7 Sound Card: i have sound!
Occupation: Home Engineer Hard Drive: Have 1
Likes: playing with my family, gaming and music Monitor: yep
Dislikes: Input Device: mouse
Favorite Quote: You can only do what you can do Other Perks:
Favorite Saying: I am blonde ya know!! Favorite FFA Map: bouncy map
Favorite Band(s): Barenaked Ladies,Reba ,Dave Matthews and Brooks and Dunn Favorite CTF Map: 25
Favorite Song(s): Pinch Me:Barenaked Ladies Favorite Game: quake3
Favorite Food: anything I didnt have to cook LOL Favorite Mod: instagib
Favorite Beverage: Starbucks Carmel Frappachino,diet pepsi and bring on the coffee Other Games: Yahtzee,upwords,scrabble