Personal Information Machine Specifications
Real Name: Gayla Operating System: XP
AIM Name: munchieqe MotherBoard: Asus A78V
Locaton: Texas CPU: i think AMD Athlon XP 2500
Sex: Female RAM: 1 gig
Marital Status: married Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 Ultra
Children: 4 Sound Card: X-Fi Extreme Music
Occupation: full time mom and taxi driver for kids Hard Drive: western digital - 80 gig
Likes: horses and country music Monitor: MAG 19"
Dislikes: campers Input Device: logitech mx1000
Favorite Quote: Other Perks: 3 - on hand tech staff and custom wiring and lighting with side window
Favorite Saying: BUTTMUNCH !!! Favorite FFA Map: dm17
Favorite Band(s): oh my there are lots Favorite CTF Map: the ones with flags
Favorite Song(s): You'll Be In My Heart Favorite Game: quake
Favorite Food: southern style egg rolls Favorite Mod: rail only insta
Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper Other Games: