Personal Information Machine Specifications
Real Name: Mike Operating System: Gentoo Linux / amd64
AIM Name: MotherBoard: AsRock 990FX Extreme 4
Locaton: Colorado CPU: AMD FX8350 (4.0) 8 Core
Sex: Male RAM: 32 Gigs Dual Channel
Marital Status: Single Video Card: EVGA GTX980 SC
Children: 7 Total Sound Card: SB Audigy 2
Occupation: Master Electrician / Web Master Hard Drive: 4, 6.650 TiB
Likes: Good Movies & Music, Spending time with my family and being outdoors. The Spring Time Monitor: Samsung 34 2k Ultra-Wide
Dislikes: Rude Peeps Input Device: Logitech G403
Favorite Quote: Other Perks: Water Cooling
Favorite Saying: Favorite FFA Map: The Place Of Many Deaths QDM4
Favorite Band(s): Single Vocalists / Jazz Favorite CTF Map: Tombstone (Graveyard)
Favorite Song(s): My Brother, My Brother by Aaron Neville & Big Iron by Marty Robbins Favorite Game: Borderlands2 & FarCry3
Favorite Food: Anything but BEETS or canned PEAS Favorite Mod: INSTAGIB
Favorite Beverage: Coffee & Iced Tea Straight Up Other Games: Id Games from DOOM on