The StinkPad

The StinkPad

Lil' Nuggets of Stinky Wisdom

Sometimes you are sad, and no one sees your tears.

Sometimes you are happy, and no one sees your smile.

Sometimes you are scared, and no one sees your fears.

But the times you me...people smell that poot.

Go to bed with itchy butt, wake up with smelly fingers!

Old farts never die, they just fade...away.

Don't drink and frag, it only takes a few drinks to turn Lucy into Mynx.

Blessed is he that can laugh at himself, he will never cease to be amused.

Talks pretty good to not have any teeth!

Man who drops watch in toilet keeps stinky time.

He who eats too many prunes, sits on toilet many moons!

Never raise hands to angry child, it leave groin exposed.

An elevator smells different to a midget.

Man who eats too many jelly beans poots in living color.

If man evolved from monkeys and apes. Why do we still have monkeys and apes?

I'm never noticed till, I fart!

Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.

Don't worry, be Stinky!

Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

We all need a little stinky each day!

Man who scratches stinker should not bite fingernails!

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Man who runs after car gets exhausted...Man who runs before car gets tired.

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