Interested In Joining

If you have an interest in becoming a member of the [OLD] CLAN. We suggest you go to our forum and register. In the General section you may post your interests in joining the CLAN. You may also‚ if you wish‚ provide us with a little information on why you would like to become a member of [OLD]. It is important however‚ to keep the following information in mind.

Membership Is By Invitation Only

A future member is chosen only‚ after Clan members‚ having played and chatted with an individual‚ determines the individual has the qualities necessary for membership. Then a Clan member may request an invitation be extended to that individual.

Invitations Are Extended Only Once

The [OLD] Clan has a long and proud history going back to the roots and beliefs of it’s Founder [OLD] BEN. It’s a close group of folks who have forged lasting friendships. So being or becoming a member of [OLD] has a great deal of responsibility to both the Clan and the gaming community. It requires that you have the same beliefs the Clan was founded on. That you have a strong sense of fair play‚ honesty and that you only display the [OLD] tags‚ with pride.