General Guidelines for all Servers

You are required to have FUN and assist in keeping the servers an enjoyable place for your fellow gamers to come and join in the FUN. Spam‚ the use of foul language‚ cheats‚ hacks‚ trash talk and rude comments to fellow gamers is not allowed‚ nor is it appreciated. Please refrain from using names inappropriate for viewing by younger players.

Guidelines for DM

If a player finds that he or she is constantly winning every match. We request that you spec once in a while and give your fellow gamers a chance to shine. Be kind and considerate to other gamers. In this way you will be helping to keep the servers a FUN place to come frag.

Guidelines for CTF & TDM

If entering a game causes the teams to become unbalanced‚ do not do so. Ask the players if they mind you joining the game first. If you are playing and notice others waiting to play‚ you might consider asking someone to take your place on a team.

Matches & Scrimmages

Clan matches and scrimmages can not be held on any server without the consent of the [OLD] Clan Admin. If you wish to hold a match or scrimmage contact the Admin. We have a server that can be used for this purpose‚ ensuring no outside interruptions.

Our Goal

It is the desire of the [OLD] CLAN to provide a FUN and FRIENDLY place for all to come and enjoy the game. By complying with these guidelines you help ensure that it remains a great place to frag your friends. Remember‚ it’s a GAME have FUN.

A Final Message

We monitor the servers from time to time. We log all that occurs on the servers at all times. We are not here to supervise the habits and conduct of players. As with anything else‚ there is always someone willing to be less than friendly. If anyone has an unpleasant experience with another player‚ please bring that player’s name to the attention of the Admin. Do not let that individual bring you down to their level. Have you ever tried (hint) to frag yourself in FFA or play CTF with a bot that just doesn’t care? To the point spec‚ don’t play with them.