Major Updates

By — [OLD]Tango on September 24, 2016

Over the last couple of years we have been updateing the [OLD] Clan WEB site. In 2015 we finally moved the site from iPower to InMotion. Coding changes to HTML5 and CSS3 standards are being made. Page formats and layouts improved.

Some of you may have noticed the changes but for the most part they have been seamless and without major problems. The most noticable change is the upgrade to the Forums as we haven’t yet had the time to intigrate them completely into the site.

As time allows more additions and improvements will be completed.

Checking In

By — [OLD]Average on June 7, 2008

New looking site colors match my eyes.

Changes are Coming Soon

By — [OLD]Tango on May 28, 2008

[OLD]’s hosting plan is due to expire on 6/8/08. Our current host, IPOWER is, at their best unreliable, as such we will not be renewing with them.

What does this all mean? Well for one the forums are now locked and will stay locked, until the site is relocated and back in business. During this process it is highly possible we could also loose the domain name again. Lets hope this won’t happen, this time around. If it does a NEW domain name will be registered at a service that will give us total control from this point on. Members of [OLD] can get the new name by contacting [OLD]Rhino or [OLD]Tango. During the transition the site will most likely go down for a period of time.

We hope to keep the transition process as short and simple as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our Members and Visitors.

Site is Back Up

By — [OLD]Tango on April 2, 2008

Many of you have already noticed, that the [OLD]Clan site is back up and running, again, after being down, again, for over a month. Although this could change in an instant without notice.

Over the last two months the [OLD]Clan site has only been up and working, for about a week near the end of February. That's when Ipower informed us they had resolved the problems with the site and just before it went down again on February 28th. This time it didn't just go down but the content was completely lost. Which represents the second time since October of 2007, [OLD]Clan had to be rebuilt from backups and the third time the site has been down for an extended period of time.

You probably also noticed that connecting to [OLD]Clan and our Forums is actually painful and requires one to have an extreme tolerance for the passage of time. A support ticket was sent concerning this very problem, which we can expect to be resolved just prior to the next mass extinction.

This is the New and Improved Ipower Platform that we have all heard so much about. All this from a company that advertises top quality Tech Support and a 99 Percent up time. They must be referring to Ipower.com itself and not to their valued customers.

It's safe to say that we are in the process of searching out a new home for [OLD]Clan to reside.

Breaking News

By — [OLD]Average on November 5, 2005

Monkeytown, Alabama– November 27, 2005–OLD Enterprises Inc. today announced that it has signed a letter of intent to merge with privately held Texas based Q&E Sports & Entertainment, Inc. (”Q&E” or the “Company”). Following due diligence, the execution of a definitive merger agreement, and shareholder and regulatory approval of the proposed transaction. Through a merger structure whereby Q&E Sports & Entertainment will become incorporated under the OLD trademark and have access to all of the holdings of the parent company. The deal according to insiders is worth an estimated 321.4 million dollars and increases share values $2.89 to a market value of $28.39 as of trading today. A spokesperson for OLD says they are elated at the merge since it gives them some quality people in which to build on for the future. OLD has always been financially profitable due to its longevity and articleersity of its portfolio what it was lacking was long term goals. Having worked with Q&E before we felt we had common goals and there has always been a close relationship so it was just a question of timing. This merger should stir the industry up considerable so I am sure our competition will be keeping an eye out for us in the future.

© 2005 American Canadian Business Journals Inc.

Site Is Under Re-construction

By — [OLD]Rhino on September 18, 2005

With the eminent forthcoming of Quake 4, [OLD] Clan has secured the sevices of a talented upcoming web designer to work on a New Look for Our website. He will be uploading new content as well as schemes to a temporary section on the website for everyone's review. See the forum for more info. We will start a new section with more details.

[OLD] Clan is Changing Hosts, Again

By — [OLD]Rhino on September 8, 2005

We are relocating to a new host for our website. The [OLD] forum will be down during the transition. If you see it up, that means you are at our new site. Thank you for your Patronage :).

New Maps Added to FFA Server

By — [OLD]Rhino on September 6, 2004

We have updated our FFA maplist and uploaded a bunch of new maps. Links and more information may be found here in our Forum.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!

By — [OLD]Rhino on March 26, 2004

[OLD] Beefs up forces in Rail Arenas. DirtyAnus Mcgee has joined [OLD] troops already in Arena. "The addition of DirtyAnus and his new Scooter will compliment our forces on both sides of the Arena" an undisclosed [OLD] spokesman said. Please join us in welcoming [OLD]DirtyAnus Mcgee to the [OLD] family.

A New Member to The [OLD] Clan

By — [OLD]Tango on May 28, 2003

An Invitation to become a member of our Clan Family was extended to Average and he accpeted the invitation. So lets give [OLD]Average a big WELCOME.

OSP 1.03 Upgrade

By — [OLD]Rhino on March 4, 2003

RailWarz Servers will be upgraded to OSP 1.03 tonight.

!!!Rail Warz!!! goes 1.32

By — [OLD]Rhino on October 9, 2002

!!!Rail Warz !!! is upgrading to PR 1.32 Thursday night, 10/09/02. All ports will be affected.

Just In.

By — [OLD]Terminal on July 22, 2002

Rhino and Jackel Have completed the Members section heres the link Members

New iTDm Server.

By — [OLD]Terminal on April 15, 2002

Rhino has Put up a new server for those interested in iTDM. Thanks Rhino!!! is the IP

Server I.P. Addy Change.

By — [OLD]Jackel on March 31, 2002

Server I.P.'s for both CTF and FFA have changed. The New I.P.'s are OSP CTF and OSP FFA. Please Update your Shortcuts and/or gamespy favorites.

!!!Rail Warz!!!

By — [OLD]Jackel on March 29, 2002

Both RW FFA and RW CTF are back up and running. Good job Rhino/Rebel. There are some screenies from last night posted on the forum.

Off Topic...Star Wars Episode II Trailer

By — [OLD]Terminal on March 10, 2002

This is sligtly off topic, but i think some people will be intrested to know that the premiere of the new trailer for the upcoming film. Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones will play on FOX broacasting network tonight right before the X-files.Thats about 8:59 PM EST. The new trailer will also be available in quicktime format on the web.

Navy Seals Covert Ops Mod Released Today.

By — [OLD]Terminal on March 9, 2002

Hi Everyone. Sometime today the New Total Conversion Navy Seals Covert Ops Mod will be realeased. It is a Realistic Weapons based mod, and it looks very promising. Check it out. Here is a list of features.

  • Twenty One new and unique real-life weapons. From the famous Ak47 to the S&W 629 revolver.
  • Various Accessoires to be used on your weapons to improve them.
  • A realistic damage system with different damage locations and wound effects.
  • Changed Player physics to increase the realism.
  • An extensive radio command system to allow for better team communication.
  • TASS, a simple skill system that allows for a wide variety of tactics and playing styles.
  • A new set of simple commands that control the features of NS-CO.
  • Three all new player models featuring dozens of new animations.
  • Sixteen highly detailed Headskins per team.
  • Highly customizable Headstuff system to let players choose their appearance.
  • PORC, an improved particle system for the many cool effects in NS-CO.
  • Fifteen entirely different maps with varying objectives, sizes and themes.
  • Different Objectives to accomplish to allow a multitude of user created missions.
  • A brand new and interesting system for disarming explosives in the BOMB objective.

The ASSAULT objective requiring the teams to play together in order to win. Check out their Page for more details.